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The Greenside of Development
September 30, 2004 at the FNATS trade show, Orlando, FL.
The Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA) conducted its second annual Greenside of Development, an educational and networking breakfast especially designed for developers and landscape architects involved in development design.
Landscape Development- Planning for a Growing Asset
Dennis Higbie, Walt Disney World Horticulture, Orlando
Just as you plan for long term maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of buildings, roads and vehicles, the same plans need to be put in place for a landscape. Walt Disney World Horticulture General Manager, Dennis Higbie, has to grapple with not just day to day landscape maintenance budget concerns, but long-term reinvestment in an asset which has contributed significantly to the “magic” of Walt Disney World. Mr. Higbie shared the factors and considerations he uses in budgeting and facilitating the growing asset of Walt Disney World’s impressive gardens and landscape.
Afternoon Tour of Celebration, September 30, 2004

Take the best ideas from the towns of yesterday, add technology from the new millennium and put them into a community that meets the needs of today’s fast-paced families and the result is Celebration, FL. The afternoon tour in conjunction with the FNATS Short Course gave attendees an insight on how the community was developed, changes that have been made and how the horticulture plays a major impact in daily lives of the residents of Celebration.